fictive of orihara izaya; mexican + czech. i'm mentally ill and nd and these will both affect how i talk to and understand you.
my memory is really bad. i also tend to repeat myself a bit because of this. if i say something again or randomly start going back on my own tweets it's for my own sake, feel free to ignore it. any slurs i use i can reclaim.

criminal minds, psychology, (old) computers, mmd, carrd making, figure collecting, vocaloid, hypmic, enstars, persona 5, sonic

nyanko-sensei, souma, eden, matenrou, kikuo, wowaka, neru, gigap, reid, morgan, hotch, rossi, garcia, yusuke, ryuji, ranpo, kamiyan, onod

shizaya, tanatsu, jakuramu. i self ship w natsume saiki and itoshiki and idgaf suck my nuts if you got a problem.

don't follow me if you are -15 or +30.
i am uncomfortable with people that young following me; current mutuals are fine, but for the love of god do not interact with my nsfw tweets.

other dfi you have a problem with my friends, you get into discourse often, or you're just weird. i hb liberally, don't take it personally.

byf please do not use tone tags or typing quirks when talking to me.